Receive $100 cashback when you spend in your local Docklands area!

Be Rewarded For Showing Your Local Area Love!

Docklands is the place to be this summer! Spend some quality time in your area by trying the local restaurants, shops and scenery. For your fun, be rewarded with cashback!

Here's How

Cashback Offers

Here's what you need to know:

As a Docklands resident be rewarded when you spend locally. Redeem 25% off up to a maximum of $25 when you spend at an eligible Docklands business.

Register your receipts online, a maximum of 4 receipt registrations per person, and only one per eligible business.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one registration per Docklands resident is available, however multiple members of a household may register
  • Only businesses listed with a 3008 highlight are eligible for the redemption – it is not all businesses in Docklands – please search this listing page for eligible businesses – gift cards and pre-paid multi purpose visa/mastercards are not eligible
  • Each registration may redeem up to 4 times – 25% of the receipt up to a maximum of $25 each time – a maximum total of $100 is available
  • You may only redeem once at any business
  • Redemptions if approved will generally be paid within 3 business days
  • The program is entirely dependent on available funds – by registering you are not guaranteed to access available redemptions as they may exhaust without notice

About The Docklands Chamber of Commerce

We’re supporting Docklands residents and businesses with thanks to our 4 supporting property partners. Redeem 25% of your spend up to $25 across eligible businesses up to 4 times per registration. You may only redeem once per eligible business.
  1. Register your interest and upload evidence of your residence in Docklands
  2. Spend at any eligible business as noted by the 3008 logo
  3. Upload your receipt as often as every 2 weeks and be paid directly
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